Friday, May 4, 2012

New Cloth Diapers!!!!

SO... As you know I started using cloth diapers when Ethan was just a few months old
(also look here and here). I bought some random diapers with no brand off of Ebay. They were one-size pocket diapers and I LOVED them! I wish I had started cloth diapering when Blake was a baby. I could have saved over $4,000. But over time, close to a year my diaper pads started smelling really bad, no matter what I did the smell wouldn't go. Kyle told me to get rid of them, so I threw out the pads and used disposables for a couple months. I HATED disposable diapers! It makes NO sense to me! They cost so much and it's just a complete waste. When I could just throw a cloth diaper in the washer and use it again and again. Plus it's so much better for baby and much more comfortable and if you are into being green it's MUCH more green!

SO I ordered more Chinese pads and they DID not work at all. I was so sad. But then, one day I was talking to a lady and she mentioned a store that sells cloth diapers in Scottsdale. I immediately found the store on Yelp, and had to go in and check them out! A huge thing for me and the diapers is I didn't want to spend $20 + on a diaper and not like it. I wanted to touch them and look at them in person, not on the internet. At Zoolikins you can do that! They have every cloth diaper brand and type! I fell in love with this place! Charity is the girl who helped me and she was sooooo patient and sweet! I ended up with the new Bumkins All-in-one one-size diapers and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

 I was going to buy 15 diapers because that's all I need and they had them on sale for $11 each! That's like half-off! They didn't have 15 though, so they were going to ship the remaining diapers I needed for free and I got to choose the new Dr.Suess prints! So I decided to get 12 instead and also get a pail liner since I always just used a trash bag and it doesn't hold the smell well. So I got 6 there and ordered 6 Dr. Seuss and when I went to check out Charity gave me 2 of the velcro irregs! (that means irregular diapers because there were some stitching problems but they work great!) Kyle loves the velcro so I might go get a few more for him.

So anyway, a few days later my MIL and GMIL came over to watch the boys so I could visit my cousin and her new baby. So I called to see if my diapers had shipped, if not I wanted to pick them up. They hadn't, there had been a mix up, so I picked them up and was given two more free diapers! And THEN (yes, more!) one of my diapers has a stitching problem on the pad, so I called the warehouse and they sent me another one for free! So, I spent $176 and got a pail liner, a sample of Rock'nGreen detergent and 17 diapers! I am soooo happy and pleased! You HAVE to check out this store!

These are a mix between the pocket diapers and the all-in-ones. The pad is sewn to the diaper but it can be pulled out and you can stuff another pad in if you want.

These are a lot softer than the microfleece, they are a bamboo and cotton mix pad with the microfleece along the edges for moisture wicking.

You can lay the pad on the outside if you like, for easier cleaning when there is poo. Or if you choose to tuck it in there are snaps to keep it in place.

The opening on these new diapers in in the front, no having to touch poo to get the pad out! There is also a flap to cover the snaps and edge of the pad.

I'm sorry this is upside down. Here you can see the adjustable rise snaps, for small, medium and large.

Sorry I guess they are all upside down.. :( Here you can see there are two rows of snaps so you get a more snug fit around the legs and tummy.


These are my 3 Dr. Seuss prints, I have 2 of each.

One fish Two fish

Green Eggs and Ham
I'm a bad picture taker I guess... These are all the patterns I have. The bright green one is turtles :)

Like before, I use the flushable liners. The poo seems to stick a little easier to these. The liners are a little wide so I have to fold them in a tad.

The liners are super soft! You can't even see it's there!

For night time I use extra padding, I have a few cloth diapers that you may have seen people use as burp rags.
I just fold the thin sides in.

Then I pull the attached pad out

And insert the extra and lay the attached pad on top.

The extra pad is a little long to I fold it in, so I almost have triple protection!

See it tucked in there?
This is what it looks like, ready to put on my little guy!
It's quite a bit thicker this way, but he is sleeping so he doesn't notice.
You can also buy these liners at Zoolikins! These are the ones I use.

My husband got a Tiffany's crystal bowl from his work for his 5th Anniversary. I use the box for the diapers because it's the perfect size!
Here is where I store my diapers!

 If you feel like I am trying to convince you to use cloth diapers, well, I am! It makes SO much sense! You can save them for future children, or a sibling ( I will save them for when Sarah has kids). Or you can sell them when you are done! Even if Ethan is only in diapers another year I will have saved almost $300! PLUS it's better for your baby!

I will post about my diaper detergent next!



Yay!!! I am so glad you went there and liked it =) I have the bumkins too and had the same opinion of the poo sticking to it =( Now some of them have stains that don't want to come out...but they still work =)I especially love them for nightime since Josiah is a heavy wetter sometimes.

I can't wait to try this out some day, you'll have to teach me!

Hey! I reviewed this business too!! Looks like we have alot in common! :) I LOVE the new snaps on the Bumkins, as far as stains go, have you tried sunning them? I've found that helps ALOT with removing the stains! I love "meeting" other cloth diaper mama's :)

Check my review out here:

Oh, how I miss using cloth diapers!!! I don't think I saved any money using them, because of all the cute prints, AIOs, prefolds and such. I had to try them all =D